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From digestion to adrenals, these are the highest quality supplements to support your life with education to understand the WHY behind it.

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A monthly membership covering movement, nutrition, spirituality and wellness all in one [ daily ] program. Let's get started!
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I'm Emily Schromm: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, trainer, Meathead Hippie® and health and wellness entrepreneur.Welcome to some rad stuff.
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21 Day EmFit Challenge
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feel good
inside + out
From digestion to adrenals, these are the highest quality supplements to support your life (with videos to help you understand the WHY behind it).
Featured Item
Glute Activation Band
This no-slip, elastic workout band is about to become your BUM’s best friend….and hype man.
The Podcast
listen up
A little bit Meathead, a lot of bit Hippie. Meathead Hippie® is Em's 5 star podcast you need to listen in on.
don’t know
where to start?
From 21 day Challenge to 6-week Strength Programs, let me help you find what you are looking for.
overthink it
Good at starting, bad at finishing? My Don't Overthink It is a 21 day program getting to the heart of it.
Success Stories
21 days for 21 dollars
It is a perfect time to start breaking your sugar addiction and the EmFit 21 Day Challenge is the best way to learn how to CHANGE YOUR BODY from the inside-out.
The EmPack

The Herbs
The Podcast
Skin + Adrenal Repair
The Body
The Gym

Em's backpack turned weight training bag designed for making strength training accessible wherever you are.
Steep. Sip. Mend.
These herbal teas created by Em are more than tea. For anxiety, stomach issues, and immunity, you can use herbs to support and heal.
Part Meathead, part Hippie. Learn, laugh, and be inspired with Em's 5 star podcast.
Let curiousity change your life. An educational course + box of essentails to deep dive into the topic you need to learn about.
Strength & Conditioning Hybrid Gym. All day, every day. Online and in RINO, Denver.
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