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The Challenge

Sick of starting something and not following through? Tired of temporary results?

Over 20,000 clients from all over the world have picked ME as their trainer, and let me tell you, the results are astounding.

How does it work?

For 21 Days you get a video email from me. That's 21 videos from yours truly! This video will be a snippet for your journey. These videos are building blocks for you to learn about health and nutrition on a whole other level. I am not telling you what to do, I am telling you the WHYs and the HOWs so that you can understand your body and how food works! Every other day, the video is an AT HOME workout. Use my EmPack or a pair of dumbbells for a fast, effective strength and cardio medley that is modified for EVERY level.

Does it come with meal plans? 

YES. 21 days of paleo-ish meals and grocery lists, vegetarian options included. It also comes with incredible resources: additional workouts for when you need them, snack ideas, "dessert" replacements to help you cut sugar, and resources and books that I love to help you 

How do I stay accountable?

Every night throughout the 21 days, you log points for how you did. There are EIGHT categories that you are rewarded points for:
Did you drink enough water?
Did you eat any sugar?
Did you have some alcohol?
Did you have any non-Challenge approved grains?
Did you eat too close to bed time?
Did you exercise or mobilize for at least ten minutes?
Did you take fish oil?
Did you watch the daily video?Your points log in to the leaderboard all right here in my website once logged in. Perfect score = a prize from me at the end.

What about support?

My online forum is full of Superheroes around the world doing the exact same thing you are doing: being brave, trying a new lifestyle, learning a ton. The support that my Superhero Tribe brings is unreal. Access to the Challenge will also give you optional access to the private facebook group page for more support if needed.  

Does it work?

Check out some more of these success stories. Yes. It really works. This is you eating real food, cutting sugar, not starving yourself... And losing weight.  

When can I start?

Grab a friend and SIGNUP NOW!

Success Stories