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Em's 7 Day Happy Gut Challenge


Healing our gut means healing our UNIVERSE. Do you suffer from allergies, rashes, IBS, upset stomach, skin breakouts? Maybe you have random bloating and can't seem to figure out what food makes it better or worse? It is time to learn about what the "GUT" really is, and start to heal it. 


NOTE: This is an older challenge that was complimented with two Facebook Lives that can be viewed in the EMPOWERED facebook group.


YOU ARE SO UNIQUE, and not every supplement is for everyone. Not all gut issues are the same! Through these 7 Videos, you will have obtained a very strong understanding of your needs as an individual and can choose the supplemental recommendations and protocols as you see fit. Of course, this will all be done with guidance and support from your EmFit Crew. 


This 7 Day Mini-Challenge will get you headed in the right direction to start healing. 


-Learn what the gut is, what "leaky gut" is, and why we bloat!

-Learn how to determine what foods you are allergic and/or sensitive to.

-Learn how to determine if you have "Leaky Gut" and how that ties into "Leaky Brain".

-Learn how to heal your gut lining.

-Learn about the power of probiotic foods and how to make them at home!

-And so, so much more! 

BONUS VIDEO: How to get rid of cellulite!