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EmFit GET STRONG 6 Week Strength Program


Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? 

This program has been a long time coming. As much as I LOVE the workouts I give you for my 21 Days with Em, they are designed to be quick, efficient, and calorie blasting. But there is something missing from them....

Welcome to my 6-Week Strength Program. 


Each program is designed for the ability level of the athlete as well as equipment availability.

What every program includes: 

  • 4 Strength Workouts a Week (45 minutes-1.5 hours each day)
  • 30+ Video Tutorials 
  • A Private Facebook Group for my Strength Training Badasses ONLY to build a community, post videos on form, and get feedback on all your questions
  • Interval Training Workout options for in between strength workouts
  • Special discounts on EmFit Products: protein, supplements, EmPacks, and more! 


This is a program written specifically for those who are new to exercise, limited on equipment or are coming back from injury. By no means is this a walk-in-the-park program, you will work hard and sweat...a lot! Workouts include lifting movement, HIIT style workouts and guided warmups and stretching. It is great for those wanting to use no weight or just what you have at home. Great for traveling, especially with The EmPack. If you have already done Version 1 (once or twice through) then Version 2 is your next step!


This program is designed for those who have access to a gym most of the time but some workouts can be done at home. It has CrossFit style workouts where you will need access to weights and pullups machines/bars. This is a great program for those wanting more CrossFit cardio mixed with some isometric lifting movements. Each day will take about an hour and no need to worry if its easy or not, your body will feel the BURN! If you have already done both Busy Bee programs and/or Version 1 then take that next step and order Version 2. 


This program is an advanced (CrossFit or weightlifter) program that focuses more on muscle building. It will be more heavy lifting for smaller sets with guided warmups and stretches. Access to a full gym with free weights is required. For this program you will need to know your heaviest lifts (or have a rough idea) because it is percentage based. This program is designed to increase weight on the bar and help you really BUILD that strength! If you have done Burn Version 1 or 2 then Build Version 1 is your next step. And if you have done Build Version 1 (once or twice through) then its time Version 2!

BUILD v.3:

This program, similar to BUILD v.1 & 2, is an advanced program. This should be completed if you are looking to build strength and increase maximum lifts. This program is 8 weeks long with 4 workouts a week. Equipment requirements are barbell, bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, medball and pull up bar. If you are ready to make real gainzz this is YOUR program!

NOTE: Once you purchase one of the programs above it will appear in your Challenges tab under your account. The PDF is located in the RESOURCES tab.

If you are UNSURE of which Get Strong Program best suits your needs please choose option: EMFIT GET STRONG PROGRAM then follow the instructions in the confirmation email (NOTE: If you do not receive the email within 24 hours please email us)

Get off the treadmill and see the results you've been waiting for: IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GET STRONG. #asfuh 

After purchasing, please read your confirmation email on the next step to take.

Can't wait for you to join this program. Getting strong is kinda my jam. Now it's YOUR TURN.