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EmFit Challenge: Pick Your Start Date

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It is a perfect time to start breaking your sugar addiction and learn how to CHANGE YOUR BODY from the inside-out.

Please be sure to choose the drop-down menu to select Version 1 or Version 2


Who is this Challenge for?

  • Anyone who wants to cut their sugar addiction!
  • People who want to make the next step in their health and fitness journey and are unsure where to start. 
  • Anyone and everyone who wants accountability for making some great changes in their health.
  • Grab a friend, send them to this page, and get ready!






Version 1 vs. Version 2:

Version 1 … the basics of macronutrients, becoming fat adaptive, and understanding where your energy comes from. We have some videos about gut health and adrenal health and great workouts that you can do at home or in the gym. This is a foundation for all challengers who want to learn how to burn fat as fuel, see weight loss, and get just a little nerdy. There are meal plans and recipes too! We highly recommend (and would require if I could) doing this version before doing version 2.

Version 2 … you already know the basics: fat adaption, macros. Now we tap into higher concepts: fasting, toxic overload, visceral mobility, thyroid health, SIBO, herbs, and other topics that we can get REAL nerdy on. This version is less about the points (but they will still be available!) and more about the knowledge. We’ll have all new workouts and a completely new meal plan as well! If you’ve done version 1 and loved it, don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow!


A little more information...

This Challenge is a 21 day informational challenge to improve your health, fitness, & habits. 

What you get:

21 Daily Email Videos starting from Day One: these videos will be all about the basics so that you can start wherever you are and learn about the food we put in our body.

Meal plans, tips and tricks, plus tons of other great resources to keep you on track. 

Access to points every day to hold you accountable. We focus on eating real food, cutting sugar, staying hydrated, and movement!

Access to my badass community on the website forum as well as a private Facebook Group. (NOTE: Facebook is NOT required!) 

ALL is done online through www.emilyschromm.com. NOTE: Currently this Challenge does not work on the EmFit App. 



Go follow my Challenge Page on Instagram as well as my main Instagram for more tips, tricks, and a peak into the wonderful community that comes with the program! 

After purchase, please read your confirmation email for more information on what to expect! Can't wait for this Challenge. (NOTE: email should be delivered within 24 hours, any issues please email support@emilyschromm.com)