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EmFit Challenge: Don't Overthink It - Pick Your Start Date

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21 Days about Movement, Mindset, and Nutrition. 

  • Don't Overthink It Meal Plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that are either lower carbohydrate or moderate carbohydrate (you pick which one you prefer)

  • 21 Daily Emails alternating between nutrition basics, workouts that can be done at home or on-the-go, and MINDSET tidbits to keep you learning about how to make this stick. 

  • BONUS materials, podcasts, and videos on all things NOT overthinking it and DOING THE DAMN THANG

We've all been here: ALL IN, then ALL OUT. Maybe you've tried my EmFit Challenge once or twice, or done a strength program... BUT have you been able to truly stop, listen, and tap in to the thing you want the most: CONSISTENCY. RESULTS. SUSTAINABILITY?

One of the biggest struggles faced when on your fitness journey is not the meal plan or the right fitness program...  it is MINDSET. This 21 Day program allows for you to learn how to change your mindset, stop overthinking it, and FINALLY GET TO A PLACE OF "Oh shit. I totally got this."

We will answer things like: 

  • Why do we fail? 

  • Why do we feel so guilty? 

  • Why do we have cravings? 

  • What supplements should I be taking to help this process? 

  • Why can't we just stick with the damn thing? 

  • What is our purpose? 

  • What is our GOAL, and how do you appropriately goal set? 

  • How can we understand ourselves more to find balance?