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7-Day NTP Challenge: START TODAY!


Intense sugar cravings? Poor energy crashes? Horrible PMS? Maybe exhaustion, fatigue, and lack of muscle growth. All these are symptoms of stressed adrenals, irregular cortisol levels, a stressed liver, or a stressed pancreas. 

Nutritional Therapy has changed my world. One thing that has to be made clear: YOU ARE SO UNIQUE, and not every supplement is for everyone. Through these 7 Videos, you will have obtained a very strong understanding of your needs as an individual and can choose the supplemental recommendations and protocols as you see fit. Of course, this will all be done with guidance and support from your Superhero Crew. 

This 7 Day mini-Challenge will be set up like the 21-Day Superhero Challenge. Once you purchase, you will have instant access to all 7 videos to go through this powerful information at your own pace. Once purchased you will have instant access by going to "My Challenges", 7-Day Happy Gut Challenge, and Past Messages. 


-Learn about cortisol: what is normal and what is not. 

-Learn about how poor adrenal health can potentially affect our lives in a multitude of ways: our energy, our relationships, and even things like hip pain and stressed pelvic floor muscles!

-Learn WHY the adrenals become stressed: we aren't just fixing the symptoms. We need to fix the problems. 

-Learn how adrenal stress can literally take away hormones from our body! 

-Learn about the role of the liver, the pancreas, and the pituitary in blood sugar regulation. 

-Learn WHAT pattern you are in for adrenal health, and gain the tools to finally heal once and for all. 

-And... so, so much more! 

Challenge begins when purchased! 

7-Day Healthy Adrenal Challenge Series (2017)