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21-Day EmFit Challenge Powered by Verizon from July 10th: START NOW!


21 Day EmFit Challenge powered by Verizon: START NOW!

This Challenge is a 21 day informational challenge to improve your health, fitness, & habits. 

Meal plans & guides all included. Once you purchase the Challenge, just go to "My Challenges" and access helpful information AND meal plans by going to the RESOURCES tab! 

Go follow my Challenge Page on Instagram for more tips, tricks, and a peak into the wonderful community that comes with the program! (Facebook link to the community page will be sent upon purchase)


What you get:

21 Daily Messages under your Challenge on the website

Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, Resources. 

8 Categories To Improve Your Habits and Make You Healthier Than Ever. 

Access to Huge Community Forum for Support.

Powerful information to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Topics will include: Macronutrient Guidance, Gut Health, Adrenal Health, Stubborn Weight Loss, Hormone Health, Skin Health, Mobility, Supplement Dos and Don'ts, and SO MUCH MORE.

iPhone EmFIT App Access (not necessary, just helpful! ALL is done online through www.emilyschromm.com


This Challenge is a past Challenge, so no giveaways will be active and point logging is inactive. Make sure to log your points in a journal and communicate on the Facebook Group!