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Platform Daily is your one stop shop for wellness. We’re not just a gym membership, we’re a driven community who learns, heals, grows, aimproves and enhances ltheir lives, on the daily.

fitness, strength & recovery

Join Platform Strength’s diverse online programming, including weekly LIVE classes, mobility, & yoga flows., all with the most wonderful community to help you stay consistent.

health, macros & micros

EmFit Challenges and wellness webinars to learn about your body in a whole new way. Recipes, meal plans, & support ran by a team of experts cheering you on.

woo, spirituality & community

Combining Em’s book, The Process, with our favorite Meathead Hippie® Podcast, get weekly Tea Times, journal prompts, and monthly full moon and new moon readings.

strength &

Every Month

Monthly Emfit challenge with chances to win swag

Personalized quiz to set your workout track

Live workout calendar from Platform Strength

Anytime access to virtual workout library

Helping you create the perfect workout routine for your goals, join in our weekly LIVE classes, jump into our recordings, or choose from our multiple programs to follow on your own time! Combining strength, mobility, chakra yoga, and kickboxing, we have the workouts you need to stay inspired and connected on your way to results.

Needing some help with food and feeling up to a little challenge? Join in on an EMFIT Challenge, created with our members, by our members, for our members.

the monthly challenges
you love are back

Your monthly events, LIVES & workout calendar delivered the 1st of every month

Short consult quiz to tune your fitness goals and start you off on the right track

macros &

Every Month

Empirica Monthly Webinar covering new topics by industry professionals

Community recipes and nutrition forums


Expand your knowledge about your body with our monthly webinars. Hosted by industry professionals, you’ll learn how and why macros and micros impact every part of your life.

In order to get well, we have to dig deep! Whether it’s specific micronutrients, a full supplement protocol or an in-depth webinar from our Naturopath – empirica is here to show you how small changes have incredible impact.

spirituality &

Every Month

Weekly tea time podcasts with Em on The Process

New Moon & Full Moon readings with Em & our astrologist, Jennifer

Community chats, virtual meet ups, cooking classes and more

Weekly Tea Times
with em

Weekly tea time podcasts with Em on The Process

New Moon & Full Moon readings with Em & our astrologist, Jennifer

Community chats, virtual meet ups, cooking classes and more

Moon Readings

Full moon and new moon readings and ceremonies, delivered the day before the moon turns

Daily Talk

I love this membership. It’s beyond programming for fitness; it’s programming for wellness. Physical, mental, emotional, social. Everything. It created community when we were all isolated and needed it so badly. 2020 was rough, but it brought us an amazing gem like this.

The platform membership provides support outside of just workout options! I love the community & the thoughtful learning with Em, the Normas, & trainers!

I love Platform Daily because it allows me to ensure I am treating my mental and physical health according to what’s best for me on that day. I can choose to do Pro, Wake up with Wade, Arms and Abs, Kick with Kat and yoga live or recorded with an incredibly supportive community and take care of my overall health.

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