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EmFit Challenge V1
make healthy changes
Want to cut your sugar addiction, make the next step in your health and fitness journey, and are unsure where to start? Start here!
gut health
Learn the basics of macronutrients, becoming fat adaptive, and understanding where your energy comes from.
EmFit Challenge V1

It is a perfect time to start breaking your sugar addiction and learn how to CHANGE YOUR BODY from the inside-out.

The basics of macronutrients, becoming fat adaptive, and understanding where your energy comes from. We have some videos about gut health and adrenal health and great workouts that you can do at home or in the gym. This is a foundation for all challengers who want to learn how to burn fat as fuel, see weight loss, and get just a little nerdy. There are meal plans and recipes too! We highly recommend (and would require if I could) doing this version before doing version 2.

EmFit Challenge V1
This program is designed for anyone and everyone!
21 Days of daily life changing messages, workout and nutrition tips!
Workouts Per Week
3-4 workouts a week along with optional workouts!
Recommended Equipment Availability
Ideally you have Dumbbells/EmPack but can be done with no equipment!
Getting started
Pick the day you want to start and you will get full access on that date!
How It Works
Everything will be accessible via your account online
EmFit Challenge V1
What You Get + Need
What You Get
What You Need
21 Daily Email Videos. You can start wherever you are and learn about the food we put in our body.
Meal plans, tips and tricks, plus tons of other great resources to keep you on track.
Access to points every day to hold you accountable. Focusing on eating real food, cutting sugar, staying hydrated, and movement!
Access to a badass community through out private Facebook Group. (NOTE: Facebook is NOT required!)
EmFit Challenge V1
Additional Info
What is the difference between versions?
Version 1 gets you started and helps you learn more about macronutrients, fitness and lifestyle. Version 2 digs deeper into adrenal, gut and hormonal health along with more nutrition guidance!
What do you recommend I start with?
We cannot require you to have done Version 1 but we highly recommend it!
What is each day like?
You will get a daily email packed full of motivation, information and nutrition guidance.
What if I have questions or need help?
Between our support team and the private Facebook group of Strength Training Badasses we will make sure you feel supported and get all of your questions answered!
If you need more guidance or have ANY questions please contact us!
What program is right for me?
Not sure where to start?
Take our quick quiz to get pointed in the right direction.
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