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Stop playing it safe
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Stop playing it safe

Remember a moment that you were about to post or share something you created, a picture you took, or a project you worked on. Victoria Erickson in my podcast talked about this feeling when she shares a new poem to her Facebook page. Or when Amy, my sister who is a photographer, gets nervous about publishing her latest photo shoot. Even if you don’t have a business that is creating content, the feeling is the same. There is no difference between our day to day social media and the feelings that Victoria and Amy were experiencing- the anxiety of “how will this be received?”.



We feel so passionately about a subject, a post, or even an idea that crossed our head. We write it, we shoot it, we think it, or we dwell on it. And then when we are about to share it… All the doubt creeps in.

Will people understand my point of view? Is this going to scare people off? Maybe I should have used a different lense or used a different title. More than ever these days, will this get a lot of likes?

The noise is real in our heads, and that noise so quickly becomes a filter, where who we are is now sugar-coated. This SAFER version of ourselves is easier: less conflict, less trolling comments, but also… less depth.

In a world drowning in shallow water, we need now more than ever the deepest of depths you can give. 

How do we do that?


Post a picture that makes you nervous. Share a status of something that is on your heart, something raw and real. Speak your mind in person to someone who hurt you, versus waiting until you can text them. Stop avoiding uncomfortable moments, and face them head on.

This is growth. This is what people call “finding yourself”. The simple action of showing more of who you are, without doubt and without constant worry of rebuttal, is how you simply become more.

Reply with how you stopped playing it safe today. Would love to hear it.



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