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Stabilize Your Core with Shalisa
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Stabilize Your Core with Shalisa
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Shalisa Pouw is a Colorado native, a barre and spin instructor, an event producer, mom to a 6-month old boy and a huge believer in the power of connection. After having her baby last July, Shalisa began shifting some of her focus into pre/postnatal training and pelvic floor work, which can be extremely beneficial for all clients! With over 20 years of experience in the dance and fitness industry, her musically driven workouts emphasize stability, core strength and flexibility while targeting muscles that often go under worked.

She is so excited to be joining the Platform Strength team and teaches class every Tuesday night at 5:30 PM MT, which you can attend LIVE or catch the recording of through Platform Daily:

Shalisa’s IG:

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