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Self check-ups and why we need them!
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Self check-ups and why we need them!

Have you ever thought about if everything you said in your head was recorded? I think about that quite a bit. I am constantly talking to myself in my head- having conversations on what I should be doing, what I am NOT doing, and most frequently that self-talk that happens in a workout:
“Want to quit”
“Hate this”
“Maybe I’ll stop at 8 instead of 10”
…. also the
“Oh I got this”
“I’m a boss”
“Damn I look good”

We just are always in that head of ours. Talking, critiquing, encouraging, doubting.

I feel like I’ve been doubting a lot, and so my quick newsletter tip for you today is this:

ACKNOWLEDGE the self talk 

LISTEN to the self talk 

Decide if this self-talk is bringing you UP or bringing you DOWN

if UP? Keep at it.

If DOWN? Take note, try to throw it away, and move on.

The more we acknowledge those moments and identify they are occurring, both good and bad, the more likely we are to change that habit.


Do them this week 🙂 Changing self-talk is a lifelong process. This will help.



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