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Protein talk: part 1
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Protein talk: part 1

Protein, Protein, Protein.


Let’s break it all down.


  1. Protein builds muscles
  2. Protein makes you look sexy because of above muscles (the best accessory)
  3. Protein helps us detox, feel satisfied at every meal, and even makes us feel happy! The building blocks of every neurotransmitter? Protein!


It does many, many more things for our body but it’s just a very important macro that I want to talk about.


When my clients get enough protein, and the good kind, they get quicker results. They have more energy. They are less likely to snack. They feel STRONG.


For my clients who are doing more of a non-keto approach, I suggest 30% of their daily calories coming from protein. That will range from 125-150g of protein based on caloric intake (1700-2100). If you are new to this, and you can hit 100 grams? You are doing awesome.

I break that up for me in three meals and a post-workout protein shake.


For my clients doing more of a keto approach, I don’t worry quite as much about protein. Keto is a high fat diet, not a high protein diet. I like to keep them 20-25% protein, which would look more like 70-90g of protein a day. Too much protein can turn into glucose and can keep some people out of fat burning benefits



My personal fave protein sources?


  • EQUIP Vanilla beef protein isolate. Be sure to use code EMFIT for 20% off!
  • Collagen Protein
  • Sustainably raised, grass-fed, free-range sources of meat, fish, and eggs
  • Black beans, legumes (soak them!)
  • Lentils
  • EPIC Chicken Sriacha bars
  • RX Bars or Primal Kitchen Bars
  • Bone Broth
  • Peanut Buttaaaa



Count those Gs, superheroes!


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