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Meathead Hippie Podcast #38 with Anthony Gustin
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #38 with Anthony Gustin
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“It’s not about me or every single one of my ideas anymore. It’s about growing this thing as a living organism that gets to make impact.”

A man that wears many hats, Anthony Gustin is the definition of a fearless innovator. Developer of the the formerly known PureWod nutrition products, Anthony has since then expanded his company into a wide selection of all-natural products from clean and whole sources. Anthony’s products are unlike any other supplements out there today and that is because of one simple reason. Anthony believes in the quality above all else and has dedicated himself to creating supplements that will nourish the body in all the right ways. No shortcuts, no bullshit, only pure ingredients from whole foods.

In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Anthony also provides information on treating soft tissue injuries by strengthening hinge movements, advice for big goal-setters and how to manage having many projects ongoing at once. He is certainly a man that wears many hats and in a way, resembles the very essence of his products. Anthony is a person that sets high expectations of himself, leaves no room for shortcuts while pursuing his goals, and has the purest intentions of far exceeding them.

Content Summary:

6:45 How to Manage Many, Many Projects
Reviewing progression each month
Prioritizing goals dependent on their difficulty levels

10:20 Breaking Down Big Goals
Creating a spreadsheet and rubric for tracking progress
Achieving 70% of your goals, no more and no less

14:01 When You Get Off Track
Not letting your failures overcome your capability to succeed
The importance of meditation and support of good people

17:00 Avoiding Personal Burnout
Decreasing stress on the body from intense workouts, traveling, computer time, mental stress
Keeping nutrition up, sleep, movement, relationships, work, supplements

20:20 Gymnastics: Connective Tissue Training
Movement to prevent connective tissue injuries
Strengthening hinge movements

29:38 Control Less, Delegate More
Trusting that the people you work with hold the same values as the company
“It’s not about me or every single one of my ideas anymore. It’s about growing this thing as a living organism that gets to make impact.”

33:34 The Shift to Launching Food Products

36:18 What Are Exogenous Ketones?
Switching from carbs to ketosis
Helps with mental performance, clears brain fog and rids of bad sleep

38:40 From PureWOD to Equip
Equip’s natural products and each of their benefits of supplementing nutrition to the body

43:20 Brain Performance Supplements

43:38 Spirit Animal

Go check out Anthony!

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