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Meathead Hippie Podcast Minisode with Grigore
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast Minisode with Grigore
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Grigore’s history in skincare is exponential. In this mini Meathead Hippie episode, Grigore talks about how he started his own company, steps in product development and how to maintain practicing a healthy self-love through it all. Gaffer & Child products were built with one intention in mind for Grigore – and that was to create skin care products with the highest quality of ingredients that are clean, safe and full of nutrients. “We just want to give people food for their skin… a product that is functional and nourishing at the same time.” We are so lucky to be able to include Gaffer & Child’s Shaving Body Butter into The Body Awareness Project: SKIN box! With it’s lotion-base and lavender essential oil ingredient, the Shaving Body Butter works WONDERS to the skin. Grigore and his team at Gaffer & Child certainly have not fallen short of their mission in creating high-vibrational skin care essentials!

This minisode is a special little Meathead Hippie podcast in honor of The Body Awareness Project that just launched! A curated box of skin care essentials (books, supplements, and products) and an online education course with hours of content on SKIN. www.thebodyawarenessproject.com Grigore is the wonderful and creative founder and CEO of Gaffer&Child. 40% off with EMFIT40 https://www.gafferandchild.com/

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