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Meathead Hippie Podcast #93 with Steph Jagger
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #93 with Steph Jagger
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Steph Jagger is a force of nature. She believes, rather foolhardily, in the following mantra: Know Thyself, Choose Thyself, Make Shit Happen.

She is an author, speaker, coach, and world record smasher who lives on Bainbridge Island (otherwise known as Jurassic). She holds a CEC (certified Executive Coach) degree from Royal Roads University and she believes purposeful living doesn’t happen with one toe dangling in, but that we jump in, fully submerge, and sit in the juice. Think pickle, not cucumber.

In 2010 she began a journey that found her walking that exact talk, or perhaps a better way of putting it would be “skiing that exact talk.” From July of that year to May of 2011 Steph chased winter around the globe. She wound up breaking the record for the most vertical feet skied in a year. Post-journey Steph penned a memoir, which was released by Harper Collins in 2017 – the book is called Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery.

She now runs multiple coaching programs, her most well-known being The Great Big Journey, and partners with brands like REI to create a bridge for women to move from adventurous doing to adventurous being, thinking, and feeling.

Her second memoir is set to be released by Flatiron Books in late 2020.

You can find more at www.stephjagger.com or get the inside scoop on Instagram @stephjagger

[5:40] Introduction – Steph Jagger

[8:00] Boredom in our lives

“I think a lot of women kind of brush that off and especially to be honest a lot of women who have it good. Like well, I should just settle. Well, I have it pretty good. Well, I shouldn’t shake things up.”

[13:40] Two types of discovery & Deconstructing goal setting

“You know when I be something, when I am something, when I feel something then I’m gonna take drastically different steps in my life. I’m gonna do different things, and when I do those different things, the results I have at the end of the day are gonna blow my mind.”

[19:00} Saying no & facing resistance

“That’s always the first step is that negotiation as you said, you know where does ego show up? Where does fear show up? It is negotiating with those things.”

[21:00 Adrenaline to move you

“When I get that feeling of adrenaline in the body, I know that’s not fear. That’s adrenaline. That’s showing up to help me move through this.”

[26:30] Saying yes to the unknown

“We think we know what we’re saying yes to, but we very very rarely know that.”

[29:44] Leaving the comfort zone

“How do we build a muscle? We stress it, and we rest it, and we stress it and we rest it. Right? And so this is the same with our lives.”

[37:12] The creative flow

“There’s two things on my bucket list. Am I listening to what I am called to do? And number two on the bucket list is do I have the courage to say yes when I hear it?”

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