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Meathead Hippie Podcast #91 with Em
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #91 with Em
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Content Summary

[7:42] Introduction

[9:52] Calming flare ups

“So when somebody says my stomach hurts, it actually is around the area of your belly button, which is not your stomach. That’s your small intestine.”

[12:50] Digesting when you’re stressed

“We really need to bring our system down in general because if we’re ready to fight and a flight and flee and freeze, and there’s stress all around systemic or around us emotionally, there is no way that our body connects our brain to our stomach.”

[16:56] The stomach and acid

“It’s a bad misconception that too much stomach acid causes acid reflux.”

[21:21] The pancreas and blood sugar regulation

“You just are stabilizing blood sugar. That’s rule number one for me with my clients.”

[23:22] Gall bladder and liver

“This is where we look at lymphatic and how we’re healing. Are we detoxing well?”

[25:00] Small intestine – You are what you can digest

“Too many people rush into probiotics.”

[27:56] Prebiotics in vegetables

“We eat like arugula and spinach and Brussels sprouts, like we kind of stick with our three vegetables, but that’s not how our gut likes to work.”

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