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Meathead Hippie Podcast #88 with Teddy Willsey
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #88 with Teddy Willsey
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Teddy is a writer, speaker, educator, content creator, and sports medicine focused physical therapist. In addition to working with professional and elite level athletes, he takes pride in helping everyday people and recreational athletes perform at the top of their game as well. Teddy owns a unique performance oriented PT practice in Rockville, MD. His in-person work is complimented by his online business, inner circle and monthly workout program, Citizen Athletics. Teddy calls himself a strength coach therapist because he strongly believes nearly all injuries can be rehabilitated through an active and self empowering approach centered around exercise and education. Teddy’s physical therapy practice is influenced by his strength and conditioning background, competitive powerlifting experience, and active lifestyle. When Teddy isn’t working or working out, he can usually be found in the mountains, outside somewhere, or spending quality time with friends and family.

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[6:28] Introduction – Teddy Willsey PT and strength coach

[9:47] Strength training for pre-teens

“[Gymnasts are] putting incredible amounts of force through their bodies, through their tendons, ligaments, etcetera, that are probably higher than they would just if they got into a gym and used a 45-pound barbell or a trainer bar.”

[15:20] When getting help, you shouldn’t leave with more problems

“How we phrase it, how we frame what we’re telling these people is so important, and we don’t want them to leave with more problems. “

[17:50] How stress factors into the healing process

“They put a small slit on the roof of medical students’ mouths and they studied how long it took it to heal. the group that they did right before exams took 25% longer to heal than the group that they did before summer break.”

[25:37] Time management as stress management

“Leveraging technology and that’s how we’re sitting here today because of our internet and that’s how we got to know each other, so that’s been the biggest and most helpful.”

[32:26] Being human on social media

“If you invest more into each relationship than people expect back, they will see the benefit and the value and they will give back.“

[39:33] Healing hips an labrum tears

“If you strengthen your hip rotators in those positions and you push all the way to the edge of pain, back off slightly from a range of motion standpoint, and then do an isometric contraction there, slowly increase that over time, hopefully you can gain back some of that motion.”

[47:07] Oly shoes: Good for squatting?

“Especially if you have any type of hip mobility issue, and it’s not always a

muscular thing, it might be that that actual joint itself yeah, get some Oly shoes.”

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