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Meathead Hippie Podcast #87 with Anna Marie Frank
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #87 with Anna Marie Frank
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Anna Marie grew up in a small town in Michigan where she taught her first group fitness class as a senior in high school and sparked her passion for wellness. She went on to earn a degree in exercise science, was a division I runner and was on the 2005 Western Michigan University Intramural National Basketball Championship team. After college she moved to California and spent 10 years in health education and pursued a masters degree, as well as various other health certifications. Anna Marie is currently a certified Brain Health Coach from the Dr. Amen clinics, a certified Human Potential Coach through Dave Asprey’s program, holds an Integrative nutritionist certification and Plant Based Nutrition certification from T. Collin Campbell. She is a published author with her book “Stop Bullying Yourself” and has opened three Happy Whole You Human Upgrade Wellness Centers in the last 12 months. Anna Marie’s clients range from athletes to business professionals that struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and anyone who wants to upgrade their minds and bodies. Her innovative approach to improve cognitive function and physical health is changing lives.

[4:03] Introduction – Anna Marie Frank, worksite wellness expert and author of Happy Whole You

{11:53] 70,000 thoughts per day and reframing them

“Some of the small things I did was I would literally just change my focus of what I was thinking.”

[20:50] The Add In Method

“It is not only one thing you do, but rather a combination of little things you will do over time that will help improve your overall mindfulness and your life.”

[26:30] Where to begin with self-care and hobbies

“First you have to define, what are your top priorities? What’s most important to you?”

[29:50] Slow down to go fast

“You’re gonna get that slow down, that little punch in the face every now and again, and just recognize it for what it is and that you do need to slow down to be able to come out faster on the other side.”

[33:30] Using social media as a tool

“I think some people recognize social media as life, like real life, and it’s not. It’s a tool.”

[40:12] Envision fear & The law of attraction

“Either way in our brains, we’re gonna be envisioning something. We’re gonna be seeing something, so why allow it to be fearful?”

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