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Meathead Hippie Podcast #86 with Amy Westbrook
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #86 with Amy Westbrook
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Amy Westbrook, aka the Money Mojo Coach, is an internationally certified life coach, speaker
and professional money coach for Capital One. Clients work with Amy to up-level their money beliefs,
create rich habits, and better align their resources of time, energy and money to fast-track their success.
She has developed a unique process, fusing science with the soul, to produce financial harmony and
well-being for burned-out professionals. By helping people become confident, financially savvy role models, Amy hopes
to reverse the cycle of money stress for our future generations.
Amy lives in Colorado with her husband, son and fur babies. She’s an avid reader, globe traveler
and will dive in for any creative endeavor she can get her hands on!

Content Summary:

[3:10] Introduction – Amy Westbrook, the money mojo coach

Clients work with Amy to up-level their money beliefs, create rich habits, and better align their resources of time, energy, and money to fast track their success

[8:00] The psychology and biology behind money and loss aversion

“We are wired chemically to respond in certain ways around reward and risk.”

[13:30] Being reactive versus proactive starting a business

“A lot of our money spent is reactive. We’re impulsive, but especially around our business or our long-term goals.“

[18:00] Clarifying your values

“It was like the analogy of the frog in the hot water. Ever so slightly, the water just kept getting warmer and warmer and warmer until all of a sudden, you know, you realize I’m burning to death.”

[25:36] Getting on track once you realize you’re unhappy

“That’s a hard part is to look at exactly where you are, but starting to at least play around with that vision of what that could be.”

[31:23] How beliefs shape your behaviors

“What are your beliefs around what it means to be an entrepreneur and are they healthy?”

[35:25] Failing to reach high goals is still success

“We sort of have this all or nothing mentality. I’m either successful or I’m a failure.”

[39:45] The value of free

“They will show up, they’ll do the work and so by charging people and charging them a good amount of money even, you’re really clarifying their commitment to work with you.”

“I think it just honors them. It honors their journey.”

[43:03] Getting out of debt without restrictions

“If you understand what your values are and you start spending in alignment with those values versus just whatever grabbed your attention, you won’t build up the credit card debt in the first place.”

[46:50] The 50-30-20 rule and budgeting without tracking

“70% of Americans don’t or won’t keep a budget.”

“You can create a goal that’s a way to keep your expenses under control without having to track every penny.”

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