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Meathead Hippie Podcast #85 with Caroline Burkle
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #85 with Caroline Burkle
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Caroline Burckle is an Olympic Bronze Medalist from 2008 Beijing Games in swimming, World & NCAA Champion,has a Masters of Sport Psychology and an Associate of Arts in Product Development. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she is now based in Los Angeles, CA.
Caroline has stepped away from defining herself as only an athlete and has made her mark as an entrepreneur. She has built a community of Olympians and youth athletes, RISE Athletes. RISE is a mentorship program where Olympians provide mindset training and holistic development experience to youth athletes from all over the globe.
Caroline believes in the power of mind+body connection, using her physical setbacks as mental lessons, and emotional obstacles as a way to tap into the power of her body. She is deeply into the arts, and freehand sketches her unconventional “muses” as a form of mental-movement. She also has partnered with Natura Culina and created her own skin recovery product, Carococo.

Content Summary:

[2:50] Introduction – Caroline Burckle, former Olympian and mindset business owner

[6:03] Creating identity based on you

“You have to create that foundation before you go anywhere, and so we do focus on that and the foundation of themselves as humans first before they do anything else.”

[18:18] Being a go-getter and breaking it down to the center

“Realize that if you’re always gonna be a go-getter and you’re always gonna want more and you’re always gonna want to keep pushing forward, and no matter where you get you’re always gonna keep wanting more, then what is it that has to be stable in that whole relationship? And it’s you. It’s your core.”

[23:07] Coping with depression after a big success

“How can anything match that? And I felt guilty and I felt like the mindset of there’s people struggling on this planet and I don’t have it that bad and how can I possibly be depressed?”

[33:22] Struggling with structure or lack thereof

“So when you don’t have that [structure], it’s like the world is infinite. You can do anything you want and that’s scary as shit.”

[36:30] Quieting the noise & little let go’s

“So it’s like sitting with it, understanding what mountain you just made of these thoughts or these beliefs, and then one by one letting it go, releasing it out into the universe and it’s not yours anymore.”

“I’ll lay on my floor and just do the whole scan head to toe, and tighten your eyes and your nose and your mouth and your ears and your shoulders and just all the way down. It’s tighten and release, tighten and release. And that’s again small let go’s.”

[44:10] Creating small changes to look back at the process

“You’re always gonna look back and I would hope you would be able to look back at whatever you’re looking back at, and understand the process there, and understand the small steps that you did to get to that peak.”

[49:02] Your life is your message

“You are here on this planet. That’s enough of a message at first, so accepting that and being open to that and knowing that your life is worth it before you feel that you need to deliver a specific message.”

[50:12] Motivation mindset & sticking with it

“What’s a time in your life that you’ve been motivated and done something and been really pleased about it?”

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