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Meathead Hippie Podcast #83 Em's last 10 years
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #83 Em's last 10 years
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A Q&A with Em on business, drive, obstacles, motivation, purpose, and passion, with head coach of Platform Strength, Wade.

Content Summary
[4:50] What do you think gives you the ability to execute tasks in such like a timely like efficient, quick manner?

[8:18] I know that people ask you what you do and then you say this long laundry list of different things that you do and the different hats that you wear, do you think that doing multiple companies, does that help you in any individual one?

[17:00] What have been challenges you’ve faced, you obviously are passionate about all of them and love all of them, which things do you really embrace, which things like are you like I like this better than that in the realm or what not?

[21:40] Do you think there was a point when you quit necessarily trying to tell people what you thought they wanted to hear and switched over to, “I’m gonna tell people what I want them to know” or what they should know or what they need to know?

[26:35] What do you think has made you like so good at you just know these things innately that will help grow your social media?

[33:00] I hear that word passion a lot, so what does being passionate about something mean to you?

[52:04] I know that you’re taking steps now to be more present. Where do you find that balance? Where is being too present unproductive do you think? Or do you think being too reflective is unproductive?

[57:37] So we just talked about being present and the future, so when do you reflect? When should you reflect on life and choice I’ve made and like also when do you reflect on a business? And then with the life thing, I feel like what you do, I already know cause you’ll just reload your day to somebody, is that kinda how you’ll reflect sometimes?

[59:20] Give an example of a time you made a bad decision and then you were like okay I encountered this decision, now I’m gonna overcome it, and now I know the right direction to go.

[1:12:04] So is that like something that you- do you think you maybe struggle with that when you’re managing people? Do you think that’s hard if they don’t necessarily, like they’re passionate about it, but like they’re not on your level, is that sometimes a hard disconnect for you? How do you decide to pick the people that are gonna work for you, be around you?

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