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Meathead Hippie Podcast #72 with Holly Heuer
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #72 with Holly Heuer
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For Holly Heuer, owner of Growwithenneagram.com, studying enneagrams has been the most profound path of knowledge in her life. Holly describes enneagrams as, “A marriage between the search for what is true in reality, and the depth of who we are and why we are here.” Within this episode of Meathead Hippie, Holly walks us through all 9 types of enneagrams and provides incredibly useful information on each and every one of their unique characteristics. Holly shares that there are 3 parts to the enneagram triangle that help us learn where we fixate our energy most from: the body, the heart, and the head. Depending on one’s enneagram number, this determines the part of the body in which they focus pulling most of their energy from! Holly teaches us how we can learn about ourselves while also getting a clearer understanding of how others think and function through explaining the beautiful truths to enneagrams.

Content Summary
14:00 Holly’s Background
Owner of Growwithenneagram.com
“Studying enneagrams has been the most profound path of growth in my life.”
16:00 What Exactly Are Enneagrams And How Do They Work?
The enneagram is a marriage between the search for what is true in reality, and the depth of who we are and why we are here.”
The best ways to figure out your own enneagram
29:00 Defining the Enneagram: 8
The strongest of the types that are often great leaders and very reliable
People who are an 8 speak their mind frequently and are drawn to big ideas
When they get into trouble: Can be a little bossy or dominating
31:30 Defining the Enneagram: 9
The type that likes to be “behind the scenes” by supporting others and not causing trouble and creating conflict
When they are confronted with challenges: Can be known to disappear a little and withdraw
33:00 Defining the Enneagram: 1
The responsible one who provides a world of knowledge and useful advice to others
This person seems to always know the right thing to do but can be too critical of themselves and others
36:00 Defining the Enneagram: 2
The “helper” of the types that desires to connect, feel valued and accepted by others
When in trouble: Can be codependent or too flattering
38:00 Defining the Enneagram: 3
The “achiever” type that is typically very charming and successful, a person who loves goals and is very performance-based
When in trouble: They can be too competitive and overwork themselves
43:30 Defining the Enneagram: 4
The one who is most in touch with themselves, can easily understand the depth and tenderness of our souls, very intuitive
When in trouble: Can be a little moody and self-absorbed
44:00 Defining the Enneagram: 5
The “investigator” of the group who is typically an expert in some area or field and loves to use their curiosity for gaining further knowledge
When in trouble: Can choose to withhold information or be intellectually detached
49:00 Defining the Enneagram: 6
The “loyalist” to close family and friends who is also often found strategizing for danger ahead and can use humor to ease the discomfort
When in trouble: Can be too indecisive and anxious
51:30 Defining the Enneagram: 7
The most imaginative one of the group, very future-oriented and quick to put dreams into action
When in trouble: Can become too scattered with ideas and overpowering
56:00 What We Do When We Are “In Trouble”
We typically don’t want to see our downfalls, but it’s best to acknowledge them head on
We need support that will help hold us accountable so that we can continue to deepen our awareness of ourselves and others

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