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Meathead Hippie Podcast #70 with Laura Mahony
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #70 with Laura Mahony
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Laura Mahony‘s spiritual journey began at a young age and has since then grown into fruition. Past experiences of numbness and feelings of unworthiness led Laura to a defining moment in her life as she leaned into her own intuition. “I decided it was time to sit in my shit. I felt all of my feelings.” In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Laura talks about opening up the world of tarot cards and illuminating the energy that guides us through some of life’s most questionable and challenging moments. The process of tarot card reading starts with meditating and becoming the boss of your own mind. We must allow ourselves to settle in a parasympathetic state in order to listen to the answers our hearts are trying to tell us. Laura also talks about manifesting your highest energy and learning how to receive life’s blessings without feeling like it has to be earned. We must not block the flow between giving and receiving… “Accessing self-love is an expansive energy.”

Content Summary:
6:15 Opening Up the World of Tarot
Laura’s spiritual journey – the moment she began to follow her heart instead of her head
Feeling through the numbness by listening to her inner voice
“I decided it was time to sit in my shit. I felt all of my feelings.”
15:15 Defining Meditation in Simpler Terms
Knowing difference between tension and relaxation
“Meditation is simply awareness,” where insights suddenly become clearer
20:15 Controlling the “Monkey Mind”
Becoming the boss of your mind through meditation
Getting yourself into a parasympathetic state by allowing your heart to give you all the answers
27:15 Feeling Emotions in Your Body
“When you have an issue, see where you feel it in your body. That’s where your heart is speaking to you.”
Releasing control of suppressed memories
32:15 Manifesting Your Highest Energy
Defining the pendulum’s abilities to read energy
Learning how to change the frequency of your own vibrations
“You have to find what is authentic to you that creates those little bridges of joy.”
41:15 Constrictive Energy
Finding out what is blocking you from your full potential, your highest frequency
“Accessing self-love is an expansive energy.”
Resting among the chaos and letting your body take hibernation
53:15 Learning to Receive Without Guilt
Acknowledging that you are in alignment and do not need to “earn” the universe’s gifts and blessings
Feeling guilt, unworthiness = Blocking the flow, cannot fully receive
59:15 Letting Go of Control
“Thoughts are just thoughts,” until the minute you decide to attach emotions to them
Listening to where the universe is telling you to place your energy
“Our bodies are a guide of constriction and expansion.”

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