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Meathead Hippie Podcast #69 with Bobby Gill
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #69 with Bobby Gill
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It’s time to talk about what really matters when looking into sustainable agriculture, and there is no one else that does it better than the very own, Bobby Gill. As a former ultramarathon runner, Bobby transitioned from long distance running to a life dedicated to improving our world’s ecosystem. In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Bobby talks about one key aspect to farming sustainably that not many people are aware of, and that is the concept of “regenerative agriculture.” Working with Savory Institute, whose mission is to teaching farmers and ranchers how to plan the grazing of their animals in a way that mimics their natural, migratory movements, Bobby emphasizes that, “The health of the planet depends on how we treat our grasslands.” Additionally, Bobby discusses the harmful attributes to industrial feedlots, organic standards with the food industry and how we, as consumers, can make daily conscious decisions in supporting our ecosystem.

Content Summary:
6:30 Bobby Gill Journey in Health
Trained as an ultramarathon runner for 5 years and learned that he is capable of “suffering really well”
“You’d be surprised what the human body is capable of if you have the mental fortitude to push through the pain.”
15:00 Fasting.. Is It For You?
Learning how to balance the social aspects while dieting and trusting yourself in the process
Figuring out whether or not fasting works for you by attuning yourself to your body’s needs
20:00 Sustainable Agriculture
Considering what really matters: How animals are actually managed on the land
Learning how grasslands have coevolved with grazing animals
Ted Talk: How to Fight Desertification and Reverse Climate Change by Allan Savory
28:00 “Organic Standards” Within the Food Industry
Comparing the reduced prices of organic foods due to industrialized farms calling themselves “organic”
“Sustainability is not enough. Sustaining is maintaining the status quo of the current system. The current system that we are in is very broken.”
31:00 Industrial Feedlots and Meat Production
A deeper look inside industrial feedlots and the harm they are causing the ecosystem
Discussing materials and clothing made from the fibers of livestock by-products, such as wool and leather
37:40 All About The Savory Institute
A non-profit organization that trains farmers and ranchers in regenerative livestock grazing created by Allan Savory, a firm believer in holistic management of agriculture
Teaching people to plan the grazing of their animals in a way that mimics their migratory movements
“The health of the planet depends on how we treat our grasslands.”
49:00 Fundraiser and How to Get Involved
Roam Ranch Event hosted by the founders of EPIC who have regenerated their beautiful landscape in Texas
Prizes, giveaways and donations to support regenerative agriculture

More about The Savory Institue:
The Savory Institute is a global non-profit that has trained over 5,000 land managers and begun regeneration of 21 million acres of once-degraded grasslands with Holistic Planned Grazing.
As pioneers of the regenerative agriculture movement, Savory is paving the way for a future where the food we eat and the clothes we wear help build new topsoils, draw carbon out of the atmosphere, and restore balance to Earth’s ecosystems.

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