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Meathead Hippie Podcast #67 with Kathleen Shannon
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #67 with Kathleen Shannon
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2 interviews today! For the incredible guest Kathleen Shannon of BEING BOSS, start at minute 40. To listen in to some Q&A with my winner of a recent IG giveaway, start at the beginning 🙂
Find Kathleen below!
Q & A – Winner of Giveaway –
3:30 Religion and Family Relationships
Growing up in conformity and breaking away from judgement
“There’s no greater feeling than knowing you are accepted for who you are.”
9:00 Suggestions on Grocery Shopping
Learning how to buy healthy in bulk on a budget
Where to buy prepared meals that are better for our eco footprint
12:00 How to Find Stillness
Understanding first and foremost why you may not feel comfortable with “being still”
Letting creativity flow and express itself through the stillness
16:00 The Body Awareness Project
How Em knew what to place inside her box of essentials
17:30 Let’s Talk About Adrenals
Starting with, “Adrenal is the root word for adrenaline…”
Explaining the relationship between adrenals and stress
22:00 Hangover/Recovery Days
Learning how your body reacts to gluten and dairy
The perfect time to lift heavy weights is the day after a huge carbo-load and getting the glycogen storage going
26:00 Building Strength and Balancing Cardio
A combination of hypertrophy and endurance
Taking off a little less pressure off of maximum weight for legs
30:15 Celebrity Crush
Obsessed with Angelina Jolie
Kathleen Shannon –
40:00 Kathleen’s Background
Living as a Creative Entrepreneur
How Being Boss Podcast started
45:00 Mornings of Reflection and Refueling
“I have a morning routine so that I can operate from a place of abundance and create whatever it is that I want to create.”
Learning how to set a calendar appointment for time with yourself
50:00 When Fear Comes Up
Cultivating what it feels like to be abundant and successful from the inside
Envisioning yourself as if you have already achieved your goals
59:00 Born a “Creative”
Building credentials and strategies through experience as a Blogger/Creative Director /Freelancer/Entrepreneur
How to attract the right people and create a day job where you are your own boss
1:11:00 Figuring It Out Along the Way
Trusting yourself, not letting fear hold you back from taking action and knowing that you will figure it out as you go
Trick to envisioning success: Hosting a dinner party with a famous guest list
1:19:00 Visualization + Intuition + Belief
Believe that you can accomplish your goals by visualizing them and using your intuition to make it actually happen
“Health and fitness facilitate everything else in your life while allowing you to become that much better at what you do.”
1:26:00 Knowledge is Power
“Cultivate gratitude in your body, FOR your body.”
Lifting and enjoying the the movement/flow of your body through intuitive workouts
1:33:00 Spirit Animal

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