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Meathead Hippie Podcast #64 with Christa DeHerrera
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #64 with Christa DeHerrera
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Content Summary
2:00 Introducing Christa
“I create magic in spaces.”
Letting your space have purpose instead of collecting random clutter
5:30 Creating Time, Creating Space
Managing your world so that you can fully be present in other moments
Making mental shifts and detaching your emotions from your thoughts
11:00 Getting Clear With What You Need
“Being who I am is creating the space for magic to occur.”
Being open, looking, becoming good at listening to what/who is around you
16:00 Working with Kids
Having the permission to create and and imagine again
Getting rid of things to open up yourself to give and receive more frequently
19:00 Emotional Attachment and Scarcity
Letting go of things and possessions that do not serve you
“When your things have power over you vs. you having the power inside of using the things that you have.”
“If you let go, you allow the space for gifts to come flowing in.”
27:10 Saying Goodbye to Clothes You Don’t Wear Anymore
Allow yourself to be able to express yourself in the different seasons, designs, etc.
Thrift shopping is a game-changer
31:00 How Do I Get Myself to “Want Less?”
We live in a society full of consumerism, but it is not necessary
Identifying your wants over your needs
36:00 Managing Your Kid’s Collection of Toys
Limiting toys – Kids do not need much!
Guiding children to understand that they do not not need the toys they don’t use
40:00 Being Intentional with Every Move
42:15 Sentimental Values
Taking photos and capturing their meaning, before letting it go
46:10 Steps to Get Ready for a Major Purge
Acknowledgement, agreement with all who is involved and starting with your own space first
48:00 Spirit Animal

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