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Meathead Hippie Podcast #62 Q&A with Em
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #62 Q&A with Em
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“The most successful people are those who understand that they will never stop learning.”

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Content Summary:
4:00 What brought you to Colorado?
Feeling the desire to say yes to opportunities and trying to live a more fulfilling life
Auditioned for MTV’s The Real World

14:00 How did you fall into your line of business?
“I looked into the mirror, and knew that I could do better than what I see.”
Teaching people how to find empowerment through movement and nutrition

18:00 Are you a shoe or flip-flop kind of girl?
How flip-flops can be damaging to your feet

19:00 What are you scared of?

21:20 How do I find out what my spirit animal is?
Power animals defined by Dr. Steven Farmer

24:00 What do you miss most from MTV’s The Challenge?

25:56 How did you get so fit and what keeps you motivated?
“I don’t compete with anyone else, but I always compete with myself.”
Wanting to be better and staying proud of who you are
Bringing all of the fulfilling and enlightening pieces of life into alignment

28:00 How do you deal with stress?
The importance of supplementing vitamins, mushrooms, herbs, etc.
“The only way I’m able to handle stress is to be aware of all the things that make my life good.”

31:26 Do you deliver your merchandise to Australia?
Yes, we can deliver all merchandise internationally!

31:51 What is your favorite workout?
Mixing functional fitness and barbell with some bodybuilding
Platform Strength opening in September www.platformstrength.com

32:35 Do you believe eating past a certain point of day affects weight loss?
How digestion and detox both happen in a parasympathetic state
“If you allow your body time to detox, transformative things can happen.”
Intermittent fasting and how to control blood sugar

40:30 What are your thoughts on the keto diet?
The importance of digesting fats properly
“Gut issues need to be addressed first in order for your body to absorb nutrients.”

45:35 What is your favorite Olympic lift?

46:15 How old are you?

46:50 What’s your go-to wine?

48:00 What helps motivate you on days where you don’t feel like getting shit done?
the “8 minute rule”

50:15 How do you motivate yourself to constantly enjoy life?
Finding things that light you up and challenging yourself

52:35 What are your thoughts on marijuana?
The benefits of CBD oil – Check out the Bam Van!
Fighting the negative stigma to marijuana

55:30 Who was your favorite Real World roommate?
Mike Manning – Em’s “person” while living in D.C.

57:00 Where is the most beautiful place you ever camped?

​58:12 What liver supplement do you take?
Super Oxicell

59:20 Who is your favorite Chiropractor in Denver?
Dr. Rachel Yan and Dr. Lauren Koedyk – Both a part of The Body Awareness Project Part 2

59:40 Who are your mentors?
Obsession with Joe Rogan
People who are unauthentically themselves and have paved their own ways in life
Advice for the new entrepreneur

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