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Meathead Hippie Podcast #61 on The Body Awareness Project
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #61 on The Body Awareness Project
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If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re setting a standard that you don’t need to be taken care of.”​

Content Summary:

1:00 Update On All The Things!

5:00 Lauren Geertsen: Sacred Symptoms

5:10 “Acne is a sacred message to our body”

We cannot be fixed with pills

The body is doing the best it can with the environment and materials its given

6:10 Learning How to Not Self-Loathe

Health challenges are an initiation to our own healing journey

It’s not just about acne – acne is only leading us in finding ourselves

8:00 Understanding of the Healing Journey

Based on Joseph Campbell’s research

Steps on how to become intuitive with your body

16:00 Diane Sanfilippo: Beauty and Skin Care Products

16:30 What We are Putting on Our Skin

Your body may have immune responses to environmental toxins

How to get rid of the stuff that we know is problematic to our systems

20:55 Examples of Typical Beauty Products that are Harmful

Things can be safe on your skin that are not safe to eat

How the that we eat is digested and its relation to the skin

28:05 Feeling Better After Switching Products

“If we know that there is something that we can change with our personal care, it is just another step that can prevent ourselves from using harmful products.”

Even natural ingredients can still give people negative reactions

32:20 Products to Not Live Without

Charcoal bar and charcoal mask

Oil cleansing/cleansing balm – Good for hydration!

Learn more by visiting www.thebodyawarenessproject.com

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