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Meathead Hippie Podcast #58 with Melanie Ann Layer
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #58 with Melanie Ann Layer
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“If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re setting a standard that you don’t need to be taken care of.”

Content Summary:
3:00 Em’s Alaska Trip
Five days of disconnection while living on a boat
Creating for the simple purpose of fulfilling your soul
18:25 Melanie’s Background
Meeting Dr. Rachel through Tony Robbins’ business mastery program
How unexpected events in life are planted there for a purpose
24:00 Finding Your Life’s Work
“I had to lose everything before I understood who I was.”
A series of Divine intervention moments guided Melanie to learn how to take responsibility for her life
32:00 Breaking the Cycle in Poor Relationships
Men and women have different hormones that create us to act in different ways
Melanie made it her life mission to never be in a committed relationship again until she can fully understand them
38:00 Being The Person You Want To Be With
Asking yourself, “Who is my significant other wishing for?”
“Before you ever meet the man you have on your list, make sure you are the woman on his.”
42:00 Ways To Balance Your Testosterone-Driven Brain
How to create long-term joy through your mindset, your business and your relationship
The trifecta of being a boss, badass and a goddess by understanding each of their specific roles
50:00 Being Out of Your Emotional Alignment
How to stop being afraid of getting emotional and being uncomfortable with conflict
Why we must not hold ourselves back in fear that we will fail
53:00 Tapping Into Your Goddess
“You cannot run a successful business if you do not have your goddess under control.”
Bring into alignment the Law of Attraction: You attract what is vibrationally aligned with what you are
62:00 Increasing Abundance and Shifting Perspectives
Going from being fearful of pain to feeling empowered to take on the task
“My ability to tolerate pain is what actually dictates my success.”
66:00 Melanie’s Empowering Programs
Programs on mastering the trifecta of boss, badass and goddess while achieving a limitless life of freedom, passion, love and abundance
70:00 Spirit Animal
73:00 Homosexual Relationships: Are Things the Same?
No matter the type of the relationship – The three parts of being a boss, badass, and goddess are still the same
“It does not matter what you’re makeup is, we are women before all else.”

For more information email her at Melanie@alphafemme.com
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