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Meathead Hippie Podcast #57 with Codie Sanchez
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #57 with Codie Sanchez
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“Getting a seat at the table instead of a sign outside the building.”

With an extensive background in investments and finances, Codie Sanchez provides worthwhile tools for people looking to live out the very idea that financial freedom is the foundation of ALL freedom. Codie takes us through her personal journey as a young Latin woman and what it took in order to pave her own way in the business world. She encourages all people to find your “unfair advantage” in the business by knowing a few specific things that make you unique and how to implement them into creating side hustle. In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Codie talks about how crucial it is to understand your own worth in terms of salary, blocks for women in finance, loving the grind and how to start engaging with the big players. “Get a seat at the table instead of a sign outside the building.” Codie Sanchez provides a substantial amount of insight on investmenting, starting up as an entrepreneur and learning how to use creativity as fuel in successful growth and development in the world of business. Codie adds, “It’s really all about leveraging yourself and thinking about whose kingdom you are building.

Content Summary
4:30 Initial Start in Angel Investing
How Codie began by creating, packaging and selling products to investors
Something that people can have in any type of portfolio
7:30 From Journalism to Finance
The idea that financial freedom is the foundation of all freedom
Understanding money and how it flows
11:00 The Scarcity Mentality and Making a Career Change
Never spending more than you have and getting rid of debt
Finding your “unfair advantage” by the things that make you unique
16:00 Knowing Your $$ Worth, Then Negotiating It
Steps to earning more money
Making knowledge your power with the right resources
23:00 Starting Your Side Hustle
Getting established by your side hustle
Freedom to be yourself through creating your own job title
27:00 Blocks For Women in Finance
Women in the workplace – “Getting a seat at the table instead of a sign outside the building.”
Infiltrating the system by negotiating more, asking for what we want and doing it in a suave-like manner
32:00 Gender Pay and Leveraging Yourself
Becoming self-aware of your own progression
“Leverage yourself and think about whose kingdom you are building.”
35:00 Survival Mode and Creativity
Loving the grind – “Complacency is the number killer of hustle.”
How uncomfortable change can activate an internal drive to create
39:00 Engaging With the Big Players
Putting it into action: Read the books, know the players, sign up for the classes
Knowing when it’s time to engage and and reach out to the big players
43:00 Steps in Starting to Invest
Starting with the basics and doing your homework in research
Diversifying by earning and investing money
45:45 Knowing What to Avoid
Taking your investment process slow and playing at your own pace
48:30 Spirit Animal

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