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Meathead Hippie Podcast #56 with Irene Fehr
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #56 with Irene Fehr
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“Pleasure is an essential nutrient in our lives.”

Irene Fehr creates honest room for discussion and openness for both men and women who struggle with disconnection, as a Sex and Intimacy Life Coach. Not only does she address common problems in the bedroom, but Irene works to help people check in with their mindsets and locate the main reasons of discomfort. Irene talks about our culture’s perception of sex and how we are often coming from a place of brokenness. The key is to find out what arouses you and to confidentially know that you deserve to ask for exactly what you want. In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Irene Fehr helps us to approach issues of shame and learn how to reclaim authority over our own bodies by rewiring them to enjoy pleasure. She also covers topics such as: the root chakra, communication barriers, building trust through transparency, nude photography and how to improve your sex life. “Pleasure is the antidote to shame.” Irene provides healthy practices to help people put an end to discomfort and light the way for true intimacy and pleasure.

Content Summary:
6:30 The Start of Irene’s Life’s Work
Feeling disconnected and uninformed on how to confront your own sexuality
The effects of alienation that occur between couples when sex is not addressed
11:00 A Cultural Problem in Stigmas
Identifying the needs of both men and women
“Most people have sex with internal walls around them.”
14:30 Checking In with Your Mindset
Our culture’s perception on sex and coming from a place of brokenness
Finding out what arouses you and knowing that you deserve to ask for exactly what you want
16:00 How to Approach Shame
“The idea that “sex is bad” has been planted by us.”
Reclaiming the authority of our bodies through rewiring our bodies to enjoy pleasure
21:30 The Root Chakra and Sex Connection
Acknowledging that sex is a necessity to life and creation
“Sex is fundamental to who we are and our need to be rooted.”
27:30 Communication Barriers and Building Trust
Creating a safe place to feel risky… It’s all about being transparent with your partner
“Relational issues need relational solutions.”
34:00 When Things Shift in Your Sex Life
Explaining how sex can go from uninhibited fun to an a sense of discomfort
The stakes grow as the relationship deepens, pulling away the transparency
37:30 Monogamous Vs. Polyamorous
The possibility to push you out of your comfort zone and evaluating your own values of exploration and commitment
41:30 Nude Photography
A beautiful step towards showing yourself and showing TO yourself
The incredibly powerful feeling of freedom to be fully naked and to be seen for who you are
43:30 How to Improve Your Sex Life
Following “the daily pleasure quota” by focusing on what fills you up in terms of pleasure
“Being able to say ‘no’ is your biggest sexual power.”
47:15 Sex Drive After Kids
How relationships change and rebuilding trust by identifying patterns that need to be addressed
Acknowledging how these changes have impacted your partner
52:30 Regaining Your Sexy Mojo
Tips on how to connect yourself to pleasure
Doing things that feel good for your body
56:30 Irene’s “Sex For Your Pleasure” Course
Offers modules on arousal and masculine/feminine dynamics
A program structured to empower you and reclaim your sexual sovereignty
61:00 Spirit Animal

A little more about Irene….

Stanford-educated philosopher turned sex coach, Irene Fehr, MA, CPCC, is a fresh voice and an emerging expert in the field of women’s sexual health and the female libido. Known for honest portrayals of her experiences from sexless marriage to sexual fulfillment, she creates a safe space for authentic conversations, education and personal exploration around this sensitive subject.

Finding herself without a libido and ending up in a sexless marriage at the age of 27, Irene embarked on a journey to understand and awaken her own sexuality and feel free in her body. Her experience motivated her to break the epidemic of women losing their libido in long-term relationships (as many as 1 in 3 women) and create a model for sexual fulfillment in monogamous relationships.

Passionate about women’s sexual pleasure and wellness, Irene is at the forefront of this last frontier of women’s empowerment. Using storytelling and powerful questions, she gives permission to look within and helps audiences understand themselves. And in her true style as a philosopher, Irene distills complex topics into easy-to-digest information.

In her private practice as a certified coach focused on intimacy and sexuality, Irene leads women and couples all around the world on a journey of sexual growth, connection and enrichment. She also runs a virtual women’s group program focusing on female pleasure, libido and orgasm called “Pleasure-based Sex Ed: How to Have Sex for Your Pleasure” several times a year.

Irene writes for the Huffington Post, ScaryMommy, ThoughtCatalog and YourTango and speaks at events focused on women’s health and wellness across the country. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and her website.

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