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Meathead Hippie Podcast #54 with V, The Paleo Boss Lady
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #54 with V, The Paleo Boss Lady
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“If it is self-love motivated, you will heal.”

V Capaldi, also known as Paleo Boss Lady, is the definition of resilient. At the young age of 23, V was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. To many people, this life event could easily be seen as detrimental and impossible to overcome, but V was not going to let this diagnosis stop her from becoming all that she desired to be. V notes that the two key factors in life that got her through some of the most challenging times was continuing movement and practicing self-love. She then discovered the power of “food as medicine” and how it truly works in healing the body. As a successful business woman, V went from being a multimillionaire to selling all of her possessions and creating the “BAM Van” to help others and work for free while living out her life’s purpose. If there is one piece of advice that V could offer to people struggling with their own difficult battles, it would be to believe in yourself and build a community of love and support around you.

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Content Summary
2:40 Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis
At age 23, Diane’s life shifted when she was diagnosed with MS
How pregnancy brought her total remission
7:55 Movement, Self-Love & The Paleo Diet
“Movement sustained me for many years.”
How the paleo diet helped Diane move her body independently for the first time in years
14:20 The BAM Van and Her Mission
How selling all of her possessions and working for free led Diane to joy
“Any stranger that needed help, I would help them.”
18:20 Boss Lady
Going from a miserable multimillionaire to a joyful minimalist
V shares her journey as a successful business woman and how she has been led to help educate others and travel
20:20 The Values of CBD Oil
Addressing the confusions and stigmas behind CBD oil and cannabis, and how they have proven to be beneficial in healing
30:20 Finding Clean Sources
Knowing how to find organic and clean products
Acknowledging that, “things that come from the earth heal us.”
36:20 Advice To Anyone Struggling & Spirit Animal
“If it is self-love motivated, you will heal.”
Believing in yourself as well as your community

By questioning the status quo V informs the community how to rewrite their narrative on life, healthcare and living. V founder of the brand, PaleoBOSS Lady® is a TEDx Speaker who continues to win awards for her work and V is also a world leader who created the award winning Taking it to the Streets movement. This award winning grass roots effort has V traveling all over living in the community powered BAM van creating conscious awareness. V’s work focuses on leading by example sharing life experience and tools of self-empowerment. The brand of PaleoBOSS Lady advocates for the disabled, homeless and anyone in need. Making the tour free or donation based assures whomever reaches out to V can participate in the award winning tour. This coupled with the brands website, newsletter, videos, social media, a blog, and touring offers the community access to PaleoBOSS Lady in an effort to inspire others efforts to tap their BAM (believe in a miracle). V has dedicated her life fully to inspire and engage others to up their volume by raising the roof on life and living through conscious living. BAM.

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