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Meathead Hippie Podcast #43 with Stefani Ruper
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #43 with Stefani Ruper
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“We need to really get on our body’s side. The more you love your body, the more your body will love you back.”

Stefani Ruper provides a perfect reminder for the many listeners who struggle with practicing self-love and body image in this episode of Meathead Hippie. Stefani brings enlightenment on a larger perspective of how fixated our culture has become in how we “should look, act and be” more like and how it is much more powerful AND difficult to not adhere to these norms. To choose to give yourself permission to simply be you, without letting conformity take ahold of any part of your self-love/body awareness journey, is both powerful and sexy.

6:00 Go-Go Dancing… Why Not!

A fun way to communicate and engage through the body

13:11 Coconuts and Kettlebells

Pushing back against the idea of “Don’t eat more than…” and instead focusing on hitting your macronutrient minimums then filling in the rest as you go

18:30 Studying Humanities

Connecting our emotional and spiritual relationships with science and constructing meaning in our lives

21:30 Stefani’s Two Complementary Practices of Spirituality

Studying the meaning of life and dancing

27:10 The Happy Carb Balance

Healing the underline problem first – “The kinds of things that will remediate insulin resistance are reducing inflammation, fixing your gut flora population, and boosting vitamin levels.”

34:00 Realizing You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Stefani’s journey in embracing who she is and knowing she is capable of anything, regardless of body image

38:15 Input to Body: Love = Output from Body: Love

“We need to really get on our body’s side. The more you love your body, the more your body will love you back.”

47:00 Societal Norms

Feeling strongly about not succumbing to societal norms and instead more concerned about transforming the world

53:40 Spirit Animal

Website: Paleo for Women


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