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Meathead Hippie Podcast #40 with Emily Kiberd
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #40 with Emily Kiberd
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“I think a great physician creates a collaboration as if you are their partner in health.”

With a strong presence and a knack for sparking new and creative ideas, Dr. Emily Kiberd truly lives out her own spirit animal in her everyday life. As Founder of the Urban Wellness Clinic located near in New York, New York, Dr. Emily talks about common injuries she sees in people that have primarily computer-based jobs. Kiberd and her team’s mission is to optimize every patient’s health by focusing on essential movements, breathing techniques and proper sedentary positions. In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Dr. Emily also discusses how our bodies tend to overcompensate with injuries, as well as the benefits of strength training for rehabilitation. Dr. Emily Kiberd’s expertise in her work highlights the importance of functional movement patterns that offer long-lasting results. “That’s our whole goal: the idea of movement longevity!”

5:45 East Coast Energy
Finding home in New York while still appreciating the outdoors

7:06 Overcoming the Set Standards in Jobs
Bringing out the “good hustler” in people
Making your job work for YOU

8:35 Effects of Stress in New Yorkers // Computer Time
The “corporate warriors” behind desks
Huge chest breathers typically have back pain, headaches, weak core, etc.

11:20 The Myth on Sucking In Your Tummy
“We never let our pelvic floor relax if we are always sucking in.”

13:55 Belly Breathing
The steps to take when learning how to belly breathe
Breathing while squatting – “You want your breath to match your exertion and your load.”

17:12 Lifts to Practice for the “Corporate Warrior”
The Essential 7: The movements you need to do to be a human being

18:50 A Personal Story on Body Compensation
How certain parts of the body overcompensate for others with injuries

21:25 Urban Wellness Clinic: Their Mission
“I think a great physician creates a collaboration as if you are their partner in health.”
Assessing clients and getting them onto strength programs

23:00 Preventing the Ailments from a Sedentary Lifestyle
“We are not meant to sit for hours on end. Life’s meant to be dynamic.”
How to correct your sitting tendencies and posture

32:18 Business Aspect
How Dr. Emily started in business and grew to expanding her own company

36:00 Benefits of Strength Training for Rehabilitation
“Certain muscles and movement patterns don’t get turned on until you have to pick up something heavy.”

37:18 The “Chronic Cardio” Exerciser
Common to see adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid issues

42:10 Spirit Animal

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