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Meathead Hippie Podcast #37 with Diane Sanfilippo
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #37 with Diane Sanfilippo
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“You become what you think about”
Diane Sanfilippo – a rockstar, bestselling author, powerhouse, enneagram 8, and dear friend. Was lucky enough to get her on Meathead Hippie and talk about all things cutting sugar, not allowing fear to stop you from trying hard things, and her new 21-DSD book!

Be sure to check out the interview we did on Balanced Bites here!

Content Summary:

5:15 Setting New Years “Goals”
“You become what you think about” mantra for this year

8:50 Awareness of Being a Rebel
“Finding what works for you because we are all different in a lot of ways”

11:02 Diane’s Journey with Sugar
Experienced blood sugar irregularities
Wrote out a program that would help people detox their bodies from sugar

15:26 A Sugar Relapse
How the body can react when too much sugar is introduced back into the diet too soon

19:43 The “All In or All Out” Personality
How to detach morality and/or shame from imperfection
Being aware of your actions and how they are affecting your mental health
Acknowledging your own worth

22:20 Understanding the Mindset: 3 Categories of Roadblocks
Lack of support
Other people’s thoughts and feelings
Fear of failure

26:55 Tools to Practice Self-Care and Being Present
Delegation and communication with team members

The benefits of to-do lists

31:42 Adrenal Supplements
Stress reduction herbs

34:30 Creating Time to Recover
Not over committing yourself during demanding times
Forming a circle of people that will support you and respect your space

36:45 Diane’s Book Tour
Details, location and date information

40:15 Spirit Animal

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