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Meathead Hippie Podcast #36 with Dr. Steven Lin
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #36 with Dr. Steven Lin
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“Vitamin D is on the BASE of that nutrient pyramid because we are designed to take energy from the sun.”

Dr Steven Lin is a board-registered dentist, TEDx speaker with featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, MindBodyGreen, Readers Digest, Woman’s Health and many more. Trained at USYD with a background in biomedical science, he is a passionate whole-health advocate, focusing on the link between nutrition and dental health. His mission is to prevent dental diseases instead of treating them.
Steven’s program helps his patients solve the cause of dental disease. It merges dental nutrition, breathing, airways, functional orthodontics and sleep health. Today the oral-systemic link is clearer than ever. And it’s helping the next generation of children to avoid braces naturally.

In January 2018, his book The Dental Diet will be released in the US, UK, Australia and Germany. The Dental Diet is a journey of ancestral medicine, the human microbiome, and epigenetics. It explains the foods for healthy teeth based on whole, delicious nutrition. Buy your book here!!

Dr. Steven Lin is currently the Principal Dentist at Luminous Dentistry, a dental practice on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, that strives to give individuals of all ages the best possible smile.

You can find him on Facebook and Instagram or at www.drstevenlin.com

Content Summary

6:46 The Root of All Dental Diseases

What is the real reason of wisdom teeth removal?

10:00 Weston Price

Major contributions to the National Dental Association and Price’s theory on the relationship of nutrition and dental health

16:04 Roles of Vitamins K & D

The importance of these fat-soluble vitamins and why deficiencies are so common

20:00 Vitamin D3 and Parathyroid

Signs on why you might need to check your parathyroid levels

“Vitamin D is on the BASE of that nutrient pyramid because we are designed to take energy from the sun.”

24:34 Vitamin A and EATING ORGAN MEAT

Proform and preform vitamin A

Proper absorption of vitamin A

“Every culture has their way of eating organ meats… The reason why that was is because the liver is the most nutrient-dense part of the animal.”

33:55 Tongue-Tie

Linked to nutrient deficiencies in A, D & K

It’s relation to breathing issues

36:20 Dairy and VItamin K2: A Misunderstood Beast

The difference between vitamin K1 and vitamin K2

“Vitamin K2 is the final piece of the puzzle.”

Fundamental to our physiology

46:00 Nasal Breathing & Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome

Where breathing issues derive from

“During sleep, increased pressure sends a sympathetic kick to the brain.”

51:10 Exercises to Prevent Breathing Issues

Palate expansions and taped lips exercise

Blood-brain barrier

“You will get so much more oxygen by reprogramming your breathing into slow breaths.”

56:00 Teeth Grinding: A Sign of Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome

“When you grind your front teeth, that is your brain pushing your lower jaw forward and so that’s actually just opening the airway.”

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