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Meathead Hippie Podcast #36 with Amanda Upson
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #36 with Amanda Upson
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“I wanted to work with kind, brilliant people on a project from start to finish.”

Unleashed in Denver, Colorado, Amanda Upson began her film and media career in 2013 after fleeing big firm law practice and setting out for the wilder west of film production. Her outstanding reputation in the legal field and her unparalleled ability to get stuff done led to a serendipitous partnering with Little Turtle Pictures. Over the past 5,280 unbillable hours, she and her partners at Little Turtle Pictures have been responsible for developing the future of film and television’s most acclaimed features and series. Amanda excels at developing a strategy and revels in executing its details. After graduating from UVA, she earned her JD (cum laude). She co-founded the Denver chapter of Mother Attorney Mentoring Association, which has grown to a mentoring and networking group of more than 300 attorneys. The best evidence of her persuasive abilities can be found on the days Amanda serves as Lunch Lady, when she convinces each kid passing through the line to eat two servings of vegetables.

Amanda in Forbes

Magnum Opus is streaming everywhere, including on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

Please follow on the Facebook Page (sharing is caring, and every time a person shares or clicks buy, an attorney saves her soul).

Content Summary:

7:30 Introducing Amanda Upson

Decided to write down one specific goal – “I wanted to work with kind, brilliant people on a project from start to finish.”

9:00 From Lawyer to Film Producer

First film creation which led to a worldwide distribution: Magnum Opus

14:37 Mentally “Checking Out” Through Scuba Diving

20:18 Coping Mechanisms

23:30 A Life Full of “No’s”

Finding a balance between assertion and humbleness

“I think my life is summed up to help other people.”

28:48 SheEO

Supports radical generosity by investing donated money into 5 women-led businesses

37:00 How to Break the Cycle

Awareness to the power behind every purchase

“I try to be cognisant with my buying decisions.”

40:08 Whispering Empress

Chakras and finding where energy may be stuck in your body

48:30 Advice for Those Seeking that Extra “Unf”

“I went out of my way to find opportunities to fail and I swear, that was the best gift I could have ever given myself.”

56:00 Spirit Animal

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