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Meathead Hippie Podcast #30 with Jill Pollard
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #30 with Jill Pollard
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Jill Pollard is a psychic, intuitive healer, life coach, and facilitator of the Gatherer Kauai. Her mission is for every woman to know her worth. She guides woman back into their bodies through meditation, energy work, dance and breathe. She teaches that every woman has a unique truth and she guides them into that space of deep knowing. Jill is committed to her own self work because she knows the importance of self-care, feeling your feelings and deeply loving each and every part of yourself so that the soul can live out it’s mission and passion. Through one-on-one work, workshops and gatherings, she empowers women to look within. She strongly believes that every woman is her own best healer, but at times needs guidance and space to do the work. Creating that sacred space is her gift and passion. She resides on the beautiful island of Kauai with her husband and 3 beautiful children.
To book a session with her, or find out more about her work head to www.jill-pollard.com

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