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Meathead Hippie Podcast #113 The Process with Amy Allchurch
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #113 The Process with Amy Allchurch
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Amy Allchurch spent years trying to control, doubting her intuition + intuitive gifts and used perfectionism and fear keep herself “safe” aka unhappy. After she had her first daughter, the desire for alignment and fulfilling her soul’s passions was so strong. She focused on aligning her health and body, which brought on major mindset shifts, which opened her soul, and she was able to finally HEAR what she needed. Rather than running, doubting, controlling and worrying “how”, she finally started honoring her mind, body and soul as a unit. Several massive shifts took place over those few years of soul work and she finally went all in after having her second daughter (the births of each of her girls was also the birth of a deeper part of HER, as a woman). Amy worked closely with mentors in Spiritual Practices and Business Coaches, to fuse her two worlds and passions together. Working with Amy is for women who are ready to step into their own spiritual journey to awaken their intuition, create boundaries in their lives that feel good, step into their authentic self and rewrite their story, to create alignment with their Mind, Body, Soul + Business all while manifesting and welcoming abundance! Amy’s work creates transformation based on ease, flow, magnetism and quantum leaps. All of her work is completely centered around integration and embodiment of Human Design. She is an expert in seeing, understanding and creating energetic strategy that will work for your business, based on your own energy.



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