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Meathead Hippie Podcast #107 with Bobby Gill
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie Podcast #107 with Bobby Gill
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Bobby Gill with Savory Institute is a guy you want to know. Former skydive instructor, elite level ultra-runner, and passionate about regenerative agriculture, Em and Bobby deep dive into the trends of alternative meats.

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Savory Institute:

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Not all meat is raised the same. You can have 100% grass-fed cattle that degrade the land because they’re improperly managed, or you can have properly-managed livestock. If you’re looking to support farmers and ranchers that are raising their animals to regenerate the health of grassland ecosystems, here are a few recommendations:

Find a farmer/rancher through your local Savory Hub. Savory Institute is the leading global nonprofit training farmers and ranchers in the holistic management of land and livestock. To date, they have 43 learning Hubs all around the world and have influenced some 25+ million acres. Check out the Hub map on their homepage to find your local Savory Hub and see what farms/ranches they recommend in your region: www.savory.global

Look for brands who have the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) seal or who are in process to put it on their product. EOV tells you with verified results that the land your food was raised on has improved over time. The program is still early days, but here are some brands involved:

Has the EOV seal on product:

EPIC Bar: www.epicbar.com (USA)

REP Provisions: www.eatrep.com (USA)

Bandera Grassland: www.banderagrassland.com (Texas)

In process:

White Oak Pastures: www.whiteoakpastures.com (online)

Parker Pastures: www.parkerpastures.com (Colorado)

Richards Grassfed Beef: www.richardsgrassfedbeef.com (California)

Thousand Hills Cattle Co: www.thousandhillslifetimegrazed.com (USA)

Applegate: www.appelgate.com (USA)

Union Snacks: www.unionsnacks.com (online)

Alexandre Family Farm: www.alexandrefamilyfarm.com (California)

Pasture Provisions: www.pastureprovisionsco.com (Colorado)

Barbell Foods: www.barbellfoods.com.au (Australia)

The Ethical Butcher: www.ethicalbutcher.co.uk (UK)

Buy from farms/ranches/brands that support regenerative agriculture. Here are a few:

Central Grazing Co: centralgrazingcompany.com (online)

Farmer Girl Meats: www.farmergirlmeats.com (online)

Left Coast Grassfed: leftcoastgrassfed.com (California)

James Ranch: www.jamesranch.net (Colorado)

Maple Hill Creamery: maplehill.com (USA)

Roam Ranch: roamranch.com (Texas)

NorthStar Bison: www.northstarbison.com (online)

The Honest Bison: thehonestbison.com (online)

Roam Sticks: roamsticks.com (online)

Roam Free Bison Bites: goroamfree.com (online)

US Wellness Meats: grasslandbeef.com (online)

Polyface Farm: www.polyfacefarms.com (Virginia)

Ayrshire Farm: www.ayrshirefarm.com (Virginia)

Kunoa Cattle Co: kunoacattle.com (Hawaii)

Teton Waters Ranch: www.tetonwatersranch.com (USA)

Durham Ranch: durhamranch.com (USA)

Joyce Farms: joyce-farms.com (USA)

…and so many more. Don’t know where to begin? Go to your local farmers market and ask them about their “management” (aka how they manage their grazing). If they move their animals according to a plan and know that “soil health” is important, they’re likely on the right track.

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