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Meathead Hippie #21 with Ty Sonaty and Wade Killgore
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Meathead Hippie:
Meathead Hippie #21 with Ty Sonaty and Wade Killgore
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EmFit Radio is back!! Check out Episode 21 of my podcast with these two smarties and get nerdy about fascia, stretch therapy, and living with chronic pain.

Detailed overview:

2:15- What is “fascia”? Why does it matter?

7:05- What is PAIN? The three types of pain

11:00- CrossFit- what is it missing? FMS and “Functional Movement”; primal movement


18:15- My first experience with Fascial Stretching: parasympathetic vs sympathetic

23:40- Pain management: sub-conscious pain, long-term effects, storing pain, storing emotions in our pain

25:40- How we carry ourselves: body language means everything

28:20- Random tangent on pshyics, tarot cards, reading people, and awareness…. which leads into my rant on how much I hate Facebook’s algorithm

37:40- BREATHING: the importance of breathing while stretching, during movement, and in day-to-day life

and so much more…

It’s good to be back! Leave a review or share if you enjoyed, and come back next Wednesday for an all new episode!



If you enjoy learning about the body, be sure to check out my EmFit Radio episode number 13 and 18!

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