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Love the skin you are in
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Love the skin you are in

When I look at my own personal journey of becoming aware of my body, it truly began after years of suffering from bad skin. Acne controlled my confidence, it hindered my energy, and made me ashamed of who I was. If you are here because you have had skin issues, you know this delicate relationship well.

After years of birth control, prescriptions, Pro-Activ, and a whole lot of self-hate, I found my career and my life path because of what happened when I looked more than SKIN DEEP and began healing my skin from the inside out.


You are not destined for bad skin.

There is a better way. I am thrilled to announce the first installment of The Body Awareness Project, Part One: Skin.

Addressing every bit and piece of skin from food to hormones, from liver to cosmetics, I dive in head first with guests who aren’t just incredible practitioners, authors, and bloggers, but are those who have had that same healing journey with loving the skin they are in.


Check out my newest website and program The Body Awareness Project, Part One: Skin… HERE.




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