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Is coffee good for you?
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Is coffee good for you?

As someone who freaking loves coffee, I know how easily I can overdo it. I am a go-getter, and my adrenals have been through the ringer when I factor in my job, my workouts, and my lifestyle. THE BIG QUESTION: Is coffee good for you?


Coffee absolutely has health benefits, and if you have amazing energy, no mid-day slumps, and no weight loss issues in your midsection, then don’t worry about reading this. It doesn’t apply to you.


However if you experience energy issues, mid-day slumps, and struggle losing weight? Maybe you don’t like getting out of bed in the morning, or you have a hard time falling asleep? This is for you.


Our cortisol is highest in the morning around 8 AM, and that is WITHOUT caffeine. When we have caffeine, especially on an empty stomach, we spike cortisol even more. We also sometimes forget to eat, which means our blood sugar gets a little out of whack like I talked about in a previous post. In order for our body to feel stable in energy, we release even more cortisol. This is a huge factor in someone with cortisol dysfunction: when cortisol is not where it needs to be when we need it. Making us feel sloppy, lethargic, and exhausted.


CORTISOL IS CATABOLIC. It is designed to break things down. It is damaging to the lining of our small intestine. It damages our hippocampus and memory. It even breaks down your muscle mass in order to get glucose.


So, what do you do? You support adrenals the way you need personally. Many of my clients need a little more love then just “cut caffeine” which is why mushrooms and their incredible adaptogenic, stress-supporting benefits are key.



For more on adrenal health, head to The Body Awareness Project or my 21 Day EmFit Challenge!





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