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Keep Showing Up and People Will Take You Seriously
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Health Coach Radio with Emily Schromm :
Keep Showing Up and People Will Take You Seriously
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Today we welcome Emily Schromm to Health Coach Radio. Emily is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, trainer, podcast host, and serial entrepreneur who helps others empower themselves through food and movement. Emily is truly someone who personifies what it looks like to be an entrepreneur. As an educator in the space, her five companies span three verticals of business, including online programming, physical products, and a brick and mortar gym. Fueled by her own curiosity and passion to learn more about her body and the impact of nutrition and weight lifting, Emily has become a wealth of knowledge and a creator of all things health and wellness. If she has a vision, she makes it happen. Today we discuss the importance of showing up, pitching yourself, getting things out there before doubt sets in, not over-thinking it, and the idea that things fail when they are supposed to. We learned so much from our conversation with Emily and we know you will too. Enjoy!

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