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Feed your resolution: Grocery shop with me + Whole Foods Market!
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Feed your resolution: Grocery shop with me + Whole Foods Market!

2018 is here and we are all ready to make. Some. MOVES. This is the year to feel your best ever. That might mean for you that you want to lose weight and lower inflammation. Maybe it’s that you want to get STRONG or just live a happier life. Maybe it’s all of the above and I am ALL FOR IT. Let’s do the damn thing.

One thing I know you all have heard me preach over and over via my Instagram or my EmFit Challenge is that nutrition is where all change begins. For me, going gluten free and dairy free, or what I like to call “paleo-ish” changed my motha f-ing LIFEEE.

But, if you are new to gluten free or dairy free and grocery stores still feel like a giant hole where dreams go to die and tastebuds are made to suffer, you are not alone.

I am partnering with Whole Foods Market to show you some of my staples to get you ideas for food that I live and breathe by, and also promote for my 21 Day EmFit Challenge.


Siete Foods Grain Free Tortilla Chips are the most addicting, guilt-free chip I’ve ever had. Although gluten free, corn chips tend to cause my skin to flare up and my joints to hurt. I love chips and salsa and although plantain chips or veggies can work? It’s just not the same as these! Well done, Siete.

Can’t forget the DIPS:

Hummus is also a great dip along with salsa, but I was excited to try this new Bitchin Sauce. I went for cilantro chili, which had an amazing flavor with a thick consistency that was very milky without having milk. For dairy free peeps, that’s a major win and hard to master. NOTE: this product does contain soy protein from Braggs Aminos but NOT soy sauce (which contains gluten.)


Chameleon Cold Brews, KOR ginger shots, and TOPO CHICOS are always in my fridge. Easy to grab and satisfying as FUH- they keep cravings for sugar and soda away.

I like to put a little full fat coconut milk in my chameleon cold brew… Be sure to get the kind with NO sugar!


Loads of “protein bars” are either full of sugar alcohols (causing headaches or gut distress) or are going to affect your blood sugar in a negative way. Crave sugar all the time? Let’s pay attention to those snacks!

Top 3 bars that are EmFit approved:

  1. Epic Chicken Sriacha bars with 15g of protein and very low carb. Add to a salad or have with some sliced veggies for a perfect, savory snack.

  2. Bulletproof Collagen bars: a balance of all macros but higher fat so a fantastic meal replacement that lasts more than an hour. Delicious with a cup of coffee in the morning and 13 grams of collagen protein.

  3. RX Bars: higher in carb but with egg white protein to help balance it out. Eat around workouts if possible or pair with a little more fat if using it as a meal, as in MCT oil in your tea or coffee.



Soy sauce replacement? Coconut Aminos.

Mayo replacement? Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

Canola oil replacement? Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil




You better believe Griffindor is gluten-free and dairy-free as well. I need him to live forever. We both approve of this affordable brand:


Huge thanks to Whole Foods Market for hosting this fun #FEEDYOURRESOLUTION movement, including a hot bar filled with Nom Nom Paleo’s canola-oil free foods!! Loved partnering with them for this!

Need more guidance and a meal plan? Be sure to check out my next EmFit Challenge 🙂



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