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Denver 9 News: How to avoid bloating
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Denver 9 News: How to avoid bloating

How to Avoid Bloating

Join Emily on her Denver 9 News Segment HERE

Bloating is quite simply… the absolute worst. Have you ever noticed that you start your day bloat free and then it slowly gets worse throughout the day? That is the process of our digestion and a sign that something isn’t going right. Here are my four tips talked about to help stop the bloat!
1. Break down your food! Digestive support is key to avoiding bloat, and that begins in our stomach. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar, some droplets of bitters that you can buy or make, or take support like enzymes or HCL which all aid in helping your stomach breakdown food better.
2. Don’t eat quickly! We can’t digest food properly in a stressed state. Chew your food and really focus on breathing. Also avoid drinking too much water with your meal as it dilutes our own stomach acid.
3. Heal your gut! The bloating you are feeling is actually in the gut, or small intestine, not the stomach. This is where all nutrients are absorbed and where 80% of our immune system is! To keep our gut happy, we not only have to do 1 and 2 above, but also heal the issues that we have caused. I do this by bone broth daily, collagen, and herbs like marshmallow root or slippery elm. I even have a Tummy Tonic tea with added peppermint and ginger specifically for bloating!
4. Stop eating foods that make you bloat! Food testing can be expensive, and to find sensitivities versus allergies is hard. I love this “AT HOME” test that you can try (remember, not a diagnosis but at least a good place to start!) to see if you have any reaction to certain foods is Coco’s Pulse. Learn more about it HERE. The most common foods we react to are corn, soy, wheat, and dairy.
For all questions on digestion, please reach out. I love helping people on bloat because I know how life changing it can be to be BLOAT FREE!
Questions? Email us!
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