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Brute Strength Podcast: Goal setting, gut health and the importance of nutritional consistency
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Brute Strength Podcast: Goal setting, gut health and the importance of nutritional consistency

Brute Strength Podcast: Goal Setting, Gut Health and the Importance of Nutritional Consistency

On this podcast we’re talking about her process for goal setting, gut health, being consistent with your diet, how to get over a breakdown in your process when you’re working toward a goal, as well as everything she contributes to her success, from shifts in her mindset to changes to her behavior.  Emily shares insights into getting creative juices flowing, letting go of the things you can’t control, and the truth behind her “lucky break.” Enjoy the show!


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Topics of discussion:

[:37] Introducing Emily Schromm — athlete, nutritionist, and backpack designer.

[3:26] Setting goals for herself and for her clients.

[8:10] Building integrity and keeping agreements with yourself.

[9:45] Overcoming breakdowns in your schedule means letting go of things that are out of your control.

[12:55] Breaking bad habits starts with learning the whys behind them.

[17:14] Understanding nutritional therapy and a crash course in your gut health.

[27:48] Why do people have such trouble sticking with their diet?

[33:25] All about Next Fitness Star and Emily’s personal recipe for success.

[38:30] How adrenaline can jumpstart creativity.

[41:40] Reclaiming a healthy balance when life gets crazy.

[46:30] ‘And’ and ‘but’— taking responsibility for turning your goals into reality.

[51:25] Fill-in-the-blanks about embarrassing moments and advice for living an extraordinary life.

[56:45] Connecting with Emily.


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