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Breaking up with sugar
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Breaking up with sugar

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand more times… The relationship we have with food is the most important relationship we will ever have.

Have you ever felt terrible about eating sugar? Not the sugar hangover- but the guilt hang-over? The “I’m the worst” cycle? We’ve all been there. Which is why I love talking about this.

Sugar cravings do not mean you are a weak human. They do not mean you are a failure. They do NOT mean you are a lost cause.

It’s simply your body trying to tell you something.

Eating more carbs, even non-sugary ones, just tell your body you need more of them. When blood sugar goes up, it sharply will come back down, making our brain literally feel deprived and screaming for a pick me up like coffee or sugar, especially midday.

Been in a stressful situation recently? Your body is going to crave energy to get out of a stressful situation just like it would need to if it was racing away from a saber-tooth tiger- and quick energy is SUGAR. Notice your stress response could be the times you crave sugar the most!

Craving more sugar could mean we are missing some vital nutrients as simple as vitamins and minerals. Eat more veggies, take your magnesium at night, and take a multi-vitamin: they are all proven to decrease sugar and chocolate cravings.

Maybe your insulin response is impaired: the hormone insulin is released when we have higher blood sugar. Insulin resistance is a term used for those who have to produce more insulin for the same result, and you know what the biggest side effect of insulin resistance is? SUGAR CRAVINGS.

Remind yourself of this when you crave that cookie. It’s not always a mental or emotional thing- it is more times than something deeper going on.

So how do we break up with sugar, and make it last?

1. Tell a friend that you are breaking up with sugar, or even better get a friend to do it with you. Hold each other accountable for the rules you set in place, whether it’s going cold turkey or just cutting back during the week days.

2. Set a reward in place (that isn’t food) for when you hit milestones of saying no to sugar. A play, a movie, a new Kindle book… Celebrate the small victories of saying no to sugar! Every day is a big day.

3. Quitting sugar is painful- be sure to drink extra water, and my favorite trick, drink some BCAAs throughout the day to help the transition. Read an old blog here to read more on that.

4. Exogenous ketones, or ketone bodies that you consume through a drink, are a new fun way to help your body adjust to being a fat burner instead of a sugar burner. It’s kinda complicated, but trust me, this isn’t some fad. They really do work. I use this brand, and you can use EMFIT as a code for 20% off.

5. Most importantly, if you are cutting back on sugar and carbs, you gotta increase the fats. Coconut butter, peanut butter, ghee with cinnamon in your coffee, or full fat creams will make those sugar cravings go away quickly and help replace the sugar we have in our day to day life!

To learn more on being a fat burner, for sugar-less meal plans, and for a community of people cutting sugar, join my 21 Day EmFit Challenge.

Remember: progress not perfection.


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